Illuvia – Iridescence of Clouds (Sea of Vapor) 2CD


CD 1: Iridescence of Clouds

1. Iridescence
2. Sea of Crises
3. State Of Emergence
4. Veil of Mist
5. Titicaca
6. Wanderer
7. Nirmala II
8. Sky Beyond Sky


CD 2: Sea of Vapor

1. Pearlescent
2 Source of Serenity
3. Chiara Springs
4. Titicaca (Descent)
5. Sea of Vapor
6. Nirmala I
7. Eagle Vision
8. Naissance
9. Blue Rays


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Illuvia expands upon his 2021 Ambient Drum’n bass hybrid album Iridescence of Clouds, with a new suite of alternate and once discarded versions. Revisited, remastered, and presented as an extended digital album and double CD, with a new artwork version by Noah M / Keep Adding. All tracks written and produced by Ludvig Cimbrelius Artwork by Noah M / Keep Adding Iridescence of Clouds remastered by Illuvia Sea of Vapor mastered by Illuvia Cat: ASIPV027X

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