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1 love wound
2 sky meadow
3 palms
4 a golden bridge
5 a birds shadow
6 ay alani
7 islands


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“. . . and I will go away.
And the birds will stay, singing.
And my garden will stay, with its green tree, and white water well.

And every afternoon the sky will be blue and peaceful.
And the bells in the tower will chime, as they are chiming this very afternoon.

The people who have loved me will all pass away, and every year the town will be revived again.

And my spirit will wander nostalgic, in the same mystical corner of my flowery garden.

And I will go away.
And the birds will stay, singing.”

~ from ‘El viaje definitivo’ by Juan Ramón Jiménez

released May 22, 2024

vision & music • Ludvig Cimbrelius
original painting • Russell Stephenson
graphic design • Alexander Lux
sound mastering • George Mastrokostas

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