Purl – Stillpoint 2LP [PRE-ORDER]


– Stillpoint –

At the center of us is a focal point of consciousness
Perfectly still, yet vibrant with life
This is our natural state
Ever at peace, yet ever expanding


Ever at peace
In knowing that being can never cease to be
Thus there is no death
Only eternal life


Ever expanding
In knowing that eternity is never done
We are in continuous motion towards what lies beyond
Across endless new horizons

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‘Stillpoint’ 2LP
35 EUR

‘Stillpoint’ 2LP + ‘Stillpoint: Helix’ CD – limited edition of 120 copies of an edition unique to this campaign
50 EUR

‘Stillpoint’ 2LP + ‘Stillpoint: Helix’ CD + a signed test press of ‘Stillpoint’ 2LP
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This is your one chance to own a highly limited copy of the quintessential Purl album ‘Stillpoint’ on vinyl, originally released by the iconic Silent Season imprint.

Pressing vinyl is prohibitively expensive, and while financial risk is an inherent part of any entrepreneurial endeavor, it is important to manage that risk so that there are second chances.

This is not just your one chance to experience this album through an analog format — it is also the most direct way for you to help me launch into regular vinyl production with LILA लीला.

Our inaugural vinyl release, Ayaavaaki & Purl’s interplanetary/ancestral epos ‘Ancient Skies’, was made possible with the support of Juno.co.uk, and while I predict that it will one day be one of the most sought-after ambient treasures in all of human history, we are currently not even at the break-even point. Every listener who dove into this record knows that it is like nothing else out there (in the best possible sense), and so my conclusions are that a) it is not easy to sell ambient-adjacent music on vinyl, and b) the people who would fall madly in love with this record doesn’t know that it exists… and I presently don’t know how to make them aware of its magnificent existence.

Since I have no way of truly gauging the interest for a vinyl edition of any album, running a campaign is currently the way in which a vinyl edition can manifest.

And now it is up to you. Choose your option, pledge, and then tell all your music lover friends about this opportunity. And then share a post on your chosen forum online, where you in some way express your love for this album, and inform people of the opportunity to own a highly limited vinyl (an opportunity that will most likely never return again).

The campaign will be active for one month. During that time we need an absolute minimum of 100 orders to be able to take this to press.

Thank you for your generous support.



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