Ayaavaaki & Purl – Ancient Skies 2LP


Side A
1. “Mystery Probe (Intercept I)” (1:52)
2. “Exosphere Antennae (Bridge I)” (15:08)

Side B
1. “Archaic Syntax (Bridge II)” (7:59)
2. “Chamber Of Serenity (Resonance II)” (8:55)

Side C
1. “Gateway Realm (Spiral I) [Outer Helix]” (9:14)
2. “Existential Void (Spiral II)” (6:16)

Side D
1. “Chambers Of Rebirth (Ovum I)” (12:47)
2. “Distant Lights (Ovum II)” (3:26)


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A highly limited double vinyl edition in full color printed sleeve. Magnificently mastered for vinyl by Harvey Jones, this edition holds unique versions of eight of the fourteen chapters of the Ancient Skies saga, not available in any other format.

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Ayaavaaki, Purl


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