Eternell – Self CD

01. Dawn
02. Planes
03. Rise
04. Home


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The first edition of Self was released in 2015. When I was working with Andrew J. Klimek for the Eternell compilation ‘Beneath an Endless Sky’ for his Stereoscenic imprint (, I loved his gentle treatment of ‘Planes’, and asked if he would mind applying it to the whole Self album for a remastered edition. Andrew generously agreed, and a few solar orbits later I am happy to present the result. 
I also want to acknowledge my connection with the painter Russell Stephenson ( Self was the first album of mine to be adorned with his art. When I saw this flower painting of his containing all the colors of the rainbow, I knew I had found the right piece for this new edition. Because to me, Self is an eternally blossoming flower containing every possible color in existence. 
– Ambient music for the recognition of Wholeness – 
We may sometimes feel lost in the world, but we are always at home in the Self. And the Self is also the world.
Everything that exists is an expression of the Self.
Therefore, what we perceive to be our individual self is not the full extent of our identity. 
Infinity alone can encompass the vastness of what we are.
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