Eternell – Children of Infinity CD

01. Abode
02. Tiara
03. Moksha
04. Child of Infinity
05. Sister
06. Puja
07. Eden [CD Bonus Track]


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Here is some feedback for this album from listeners:

‘”Children of Infinity” stands with Eternell’s best work as a magnificent example of ambient minimalism at its best. A soothing and relaxing musical experience that surrounds the listener and draws them into its warmth, this is a truly beautiful release…’ – rikm

‘I just find that the more times I listen to this beauty, the more I love it and the more I get from it. This album contains so many elements I dearly love. Warm textures, beautiful soundscapes, nostalgic melodies… Each track is beautiful in its own way and gently tells its story through the listening journey, taking me to another quiet and peaceful world. No doubt one of the best among all your great works and this will keep staying with me. – Siyuan

‘Profoundly evocative music for spiritual contemplation and inspiration. It reminds our soul of the realm of light we knew before we were born and will know again… Sheer beauty, perfection, infinity, intimacy.’ – prana

‘Every time his music awakens something. Warm memories, some visions like daydreams, stories. And it heals me so deeply.’ – Natsumi Tominaga.

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