Eternell – Mira Limited Edition 2CD


1. oroki (07:56)
2. mira (18:08)
3. avian sun (22:50)
4. born of an ocean * (05:54)
5. drift below (05:02)
6. oniya (14:50)
7. cove (presence) ** (09:31)
8. cove (underwater expanse) ** (01:06:02)


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Foundational to LILA लीला is the view that we are all in this adventure of eternal life together. As a reflection of this, a part of the income from music releases will always be going towards trusty organizations who work towards bringing better conditions of Life to all inhabitants of this beautiful Earth, our home in the Universe.

music and sound processing by Ludvig Cimbrelius
* words and voice recording by Dorothy Ratusny —
** remastered for this release
artwork painting by Nikita Coulombe —
logo by Alexander Lux —

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